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Integrated healthcare and wellbeing support for every employee, providing the care you need, when you need it, wherever you need it.

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Yodha is evolving the way the world heals. Supporting each of your employees where they need it on their health journey.

Online GP

Guaranteed access to a GP within 4 hours of request. Our online GPs can treat almost anything that they can in a traditional face-to-face environment – minus the waiting or travelling.

Digital Physio

Recovery programs and online physio appointments. The auto intake solution will put employees through a series of questions and exercises.

Counselling on Demand

Counselling and therapy support when your employees need it most.

Mental Wellbeing Resources

Daily mental health development activities to proactively boost mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Health Rewards, Benefits and Perks

Employees can earn vouchers and discounts as rewards for healthy choices.


DNA & Epigenetics screening allows Yodha to deliver a truly bespoke wellbeing experience for every user.

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Morning Helen, going back to what you mentioned earlier, we definitely need to address occ health, let's get on it ASAP, got any suggestions?


Yep, been looking at apps and one really stood out- Yodha. Pretty much everything we need in one place, online GP booking and referrals, general surveillance, the lot.


Cool, been wanting to bring it up to speed for a while. Sounds great, love that it's all on one platform. One thing, why this app? What about alternatives?


This is the first with it all in one place, it's got mental and physical health features, even extras like mental resilience training. Think some of them prefer to deal with stuff like that discreetly.


Yeah, of course, open-door policy here but completely get it. Are you sure it's secure?


Yep, double-checked that already. It's approved by professionals and has electronic medical storage so anything from online GP, physio, or counselling is secure and in one place.


Okay, sounds ace! Shall we give it a go? Would love to see the staff taking their health into their own hands. Cheers, Helen!

It's Occupational Health, but completely digital

Unnecessary in-person appointments are a bit like calling a 2-hour meeting for something that could have warranted an email.

Yodha offers completely digital health surveillance to simplify and streamline your experience, storing all vital health metrics in one place.

Yodha eliminates time consuming appointment scheduling, and provides real-time updates for all aspects of appointments, including booking confirmation, appointment completion, clearance certificate storage and follow up actions required.

Any raised health concerns, sickness absence, return to work or follow ups can be easily referred through the management referral process .

Yodha takes the headache out of Occupational Health for HR and managers, by making the process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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